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A home studio used for audio editing
A home studio used for audio editing

Location: Milton Keynes

I first tried DJing at 16. On a tiny budget, I bought second hand decks, one direct drive turntable and one belt drive turntable made for wedding DJs. Mixing was almost impossible, nothing would stay in time, and yet people still came round for parties.
I could never afford records, and in time I moved on and forgot about DJing.

About 20 years later, I decided to try again. The DJ world had moved on, digital DJing and DJ controllers had made a big impression in the scene. I bought my first controller, and practiced constantly, jungle and drum 'n bass being my main loves. Always a bedroom DJ for my own amusement, occasionally DJing on Facebook Live, I made mixes for myself, friends, and my partner.

I offer beginner lessons for brand new DJs, all equipment is provided, all you need to bring is yourself, and your own tunes if you want to practice with specific audio.

Buying all the equipment can be expensive, so trying lessons on someone else's setup can help to make sure DJing is enjoyable before investing. We can cover:

  • How a DJ controller works

  • How the Traktor Pro 3 software works

  • How to beat match (manually getting two songs in time together)

  • Timing / phrasing in tunes

  • Setting cue points at relevant times

  • Using EQ and filters to help two tunes sit together

  • How and when to mix songs together

  • Planning a DJ set

My setup

Traktor Kontrol S4 mk2 controller
Traktor Kontrol F1 (to control FX or trigger samples while mixing)
Traktor Pro 3 mixing software
Sony MDR-1a headphones
High performance PC
Presonus audio interface
Adam Audio T5V monitors
Adam Audio T10s subwoofer

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