man in black suit jacket holding white printer paper
man in black suit jacket holding white printer paper

Having ADHD myself, I have learned that support comes in many forms and can be invaluable. Diagnosed at 41, I spent years navigating challenges and creating my own support structures. With earlier support, I believe I could have excelled more quickly. I'm dedicated to helping others find their support sooner.

At every step of the ADHD journey, from seeking a diagnosis to workplace adjustments and everyday struggles, support is crucial. In my daily life, I'm passionate about helping others and spreading ADHD awareness. From arranging internal interviews to providing resources and accountability check-ins, I've assisted friends and colleagues in managing ADHD.

Since engaging with The ADHD Adults Podcast in 2022, I've been on a continuous learning journey. Becoming their audio producer and providing services for ADHDAF Podcast, I'm actively involved in the ADHD community and always seeking to expand my knowledge.


Recognizing the challenges of accessing NHS support for ADHD, I'm here to offer assistance without the need for an official diagnosis. If you believe I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. Self-diagnosis is valid.

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a calendar with red push buttons pinned to it
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person writing bucket list on book


Support For Work And Home Life, Tailored To Help Those Living With ADHD

Education Completed / Experience Gained

  • ADHD And Productivity 6 week course - Professor James Brown

  • Understanding ADHD course - Open University

  • Diploma in the Symptoms, Treatment and Management of ADHD - Alison (current study)

  • Neurotalent Unlocked courses completed - Lexxic

  • 12 hours of neurodivergent workplace coaching completed - Lexxic

  • Volunteering for ADHD Adult UK charity

  • Audio Producer and writing credit for The ADHD Adults Podcast

  • Active member in the online ADHD community

  • Regular engagement with articles, videos, and lectures, notably benefiting from the insights of Dr. Russell Barkley

  • Organiser of the Milton Keynes Adult ADHD Support Group

Below is a list of courses I have completed related to ADHD, along with the valuable experience I have gained. These courses, along with my own lived experience, have equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective support for individuals living with ADHD. I am committed to continuous learning and staying updated on the latest developments in ADHD research and treatment.


While I provide general admin services for both work and personal life, support for individuals with ADHD can vary significantly depending on their unique needs. If you don't see the specific support you're looking for listed here, please don't hesitate to reach out using the contact form below. I'm committed to understanding your individual requirements and finding the best way to assist you.

Examples of support

(selling your unwanted items or long-abandoned hobbies)

Research / info
(Applying for PIP, Access To Work, diagnosis processes, finding therapy / support groups, medication)

Task completion
(creating to-do lists, organising tasks by importance, admin checklists, providing a tracking structure)

(creating novel reminders and alarms to keep you on track, converting text to audio, relaxation music)

Microsoft suite / computer work
(create written documents, spreadsheets to track spending, storing paperwork online, find websites)

(appointment setting, diary / schedule management, scheduling meetings, creating routines)

(inbox management, create / reply to emails, deletion, organise folders, creating signatures & templates)

General admin
(file / folder management, organising files in cloud storage, completing applications)

Admin tasks
(creating & implementing daily routines)

Phone calls
(cancel memberships, register complaints, cancel / change / book appointments)

(restaurants, activities, venues, travel, accommodation, set up reminders of events)

Event planning
(family visits, days out, holidays)

Shopping (online / in person in Milton Keynes)
(food, gifts, household products, completed for you or accompanying you)

Graphic design
(create visually appealing tick lists to help you complete routines regularly)

Website building
(create your own ADHD-related page to help you engage with the community, advertise your business)

Financial tasks
(help with managing invoices and payments, to avoid the ADHD tax!)

(providing accountability support for goals and tasks, via phone / text / email / video call)

Body doubling (silent or interactive)
(assisting with ADHD-friendly time management through collaborative work sessions)

Personalised alarms / reminders
(wake up, appointments, medication, breaks, self-care, goal reminders, to-dos)

(suggestions of technology and apps to help manage ADHD)

Local tasks in Milton Keynes
(tackling tidying and cleaning tasks with you, clear outs, attending appointments / job interviews)

In addition to the suggestions provided on my Virtual Admin page, which may also be beneficial for individuals with ADHD, below are just a few examples of how I can offer specialized support related to ADHD:

Emotional regulation support
(phone / video calls to talk situations through, de-stress, brainstorm ideas, prepare for assessment)

Employment support
(delegate work tasks to me, help with your business, job applications)

Goal setting
(planning and setting realistic and achievable goals)

(support in developing consistent self-care routines, managing burnout)

"Pat showed me how to organise the chaos when I was writing my dissertation, I wouldn't have been able to complete it without him showing me step by step how to use Word effectively to organise the material. He was calm, patient and explained everything in a way I could understand which allowed me to organise my thoughts and pass the course"

- NN, London


Arrange a discovery call

ADHD presents on a spectrum, making each individual's needs unique. That's why I offer a complimentary discovery call of up to 30 minutes to understand your specific situation and determine how I can best support you. During this call, we'll discuss your challenges, preferences, and desired outcomes to tailor a plan that meets your needs.

Communication can be customized to suit your preferences - whether you prefer phone calls, emails, or other forms of communication, simply let me know, and I'll accommodate your preferences.