A home studio used for audio editing
A home studio used for audio editing

Podcast editing & audio creation

Are you a passionate podcaster tired of spending hours editing your episodes? Let me streamline your podcasting journey with my professional editing services.

  • Expert Podcast Editing: Crafting a flawless podcast requires time and expertise. With my dedicated attention, I handle all aspects of meticulous editing work, from eliminating awkward pauses to enhancing overall audio quality.

  • Efficient Problem-solving: I tackle common challenges faced during podcast recording, ensuring a polished final product. Say goodbye to background noise and technical glitches – I've got it covered.

  • Customized Audio Creation: Give your podcast a unique identity with my bespoke audio elements. I create captivating intro music, transition soundscapes, and more, all tailored to your brand.

  • Invest in Quality: By choosing to work with me, you're not just saving time – you're investing in a personalized, professional touch that elevates your content. Let me transform your raw recordings into a polished and captivating listening experience.

"I hate the editing part"

You're in good company

I've helped transform the audio quality of numerous podcasts, ranging from basic gain leveling to minute-by-minute intensive editing. I take pride in my work and am honored to have collaborated with the following podcasts:

The best tools for the job

I charge an extremely competitive starting rate of £15 per hour, backed by top-of-the-line audio tools and equipment. Investing in the best tools allows me to produce high-quality work efficiently.

My current audio setup:

  • 4 screen setup (to increase efficiency)

  • Purpose built PC for audio work (AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, 64GB ram, 1TB SSD, 2TB HDD)

  • Sony MDR-1a headphones, Behringer DT990 Pro headphones for editing work

  • Adam Audio T5V monitor speakers

  • Adam Audio T10S 10" subwoofer

  • Presonus Studio 26C 2-In/4-Out, 192 KHz Audio Interface

  • Akai Midimix (x2)

  • Nektar Impact LX49+ midi keyboard

  • iZotope Post Production Suite 7.5 (including RX 10 Advanced, the latest full version of the industry standard audio editing software)

  • FL Studio - All Plugins Edition

  • More 3rd party plugins than I could ever manage to list

A picture of the presenters of The ADHD Adults Podcast
A picture of the presenters of The ADHD Adults Podcast
A picture of the ADHDAF Podcast logo, the head and shoulders of a woman with a pink background
A picture of the ADHDAF Podcast logo, the head and shoulders of a woman with a pink background
A picture of the logo of ADHD Untangled Podcast, white writing on an orange background
A picture of the logo of ADHD Untangled Podcast, white writing on an orange background

(EQ, volume levelling / compression)

(setting final audio files to required output levels for Spotify etc)

Spectral recovery
(enhance quality of audio recorded over phone calls, Zoom etc)

Podcast music
(create intros / outros / transitions)

Dialogue removal
('ummmm', coughs, mistakes, long pauses, over used phrases)

(add reverb, delay etc)

Noise reduction
(low buzzes, hums, air conditioning rumbles)

Mouth clicks
(remove click sounds from speakers with dry mouths)

Remove booms
(bassy interruptions from desk thumps, kicked items etc)

Plosive removal
(boomy sounds from heavily pronounced letters like P and B)

Clipped audio
(fixing audio that has distorted from being recorded harshly)

Room reverb
(reduce room echo and room sounds from recording in untreated rooms)

(reduce or remove wind from audio recorded outside)

(reduce the volume of breaths between words)

(reduce harsh S letters)

Examples of possible audio editing

Every client requires different levels of audio editing based on their recording conditions and specific needs. From podcasters recording in acoustically treated rooms to those capturing audio on mobile phones in challenging environments, I tailor my editing services to meet each client's unique requirements. I prioritize communication with my clients to understand their needs fully and ensure they receive only the editing services they require. Below are some examples of the audio editing techniques I offer:

Audio examples

An example of some audio that was sent to me to edit, a hypnotherapy speech which was recorded on a mobile phone. A fan and other noises can be heard in the background, the small room had a lot of reverb, and there were other fixes to apply.

- Pt 1 compares the original audio against the repaired audio.
- Pt 2 compares again, with the original audio peak volume in creased to match the repaired audio (for a fair comparison).
- Pt 3 plays the original file again, and shows an example of what it could become.

(NOTE: there are large volume increases, please be aware).
Client: https://www.hetheringtonhypnotherapy.co.uk/

An example of bespoke audio created for a client to create a relaxing environment for them to work in without causing distraction.

An example of some podcast audio I was asked to edit. The original audio was recorded over an online meeting platform. The intro music and speech is unbalanced. One speaker is much louder than the other. There are clicks and other noises in the background, and lots of room reverb.

- Pt 1 first compares the original audio against the repaired audio, with the original audio peak volume increased to match the repaired audio (for a fair comparison).
- Pt 2 compares again, first playing the original audio at the volume it was received at, then after the edited clip is played

(NOTE: there are volume increases, please be aware).
Client: theadhdadults.uk/

A client asked me to create intro music for an item on their podcast's Patreon subscriber content, pre-recorded body doubling sessions for people with ADHD.

The client had a title ("Getting S*** Done With Mrs ADHD") and gave free reign for everything else, as they were open to ideas. I asked the host to record a few phrases, including a list of jobs that they might need to get done in a day. This audio is the final result that they chose to use.

(NOTE: there is swearing, please be aware)

Client: theadhdadults.uk/

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