Support For Your Business Tasks And Home Life


I believe that everyone deserves accessible and affordable support, regardless of the task's size. My mission is to make your life easier, whether it involves managing work-related responsibilities or handling personal tasks. Sometimes, even the smallest tasks can make a significant difference.

Are you overwhelmed with tasks, big or small, and need assistance? That's where I come in. I provide virtual admin and virtual assistant services at an affordable rate. I assure you of quality assistance without compromise, allowing you to delegate even the simplest tasks with confidence.

My goal is to alleviate your workload, streamline your responsibilities, and enhance your day-to-day efficiency. By utilizing my services, you can experience the benefits of having your own virtual assistant without the high costs.

Virtual Admin Services

Unlock the full potential of your time with my comprehensive virtual admin services. I specialize in a wide array of tasks, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most to you. From managing your inbox to scheduling appointments, organizing documents, and beyond, I'm here to streamline your workload and support your productivity. Explore some of the tasks you can delegate below:

(local competition, competitor products / pricing, purchases, blog post links, product sourcing quotes)

(manage listings)

Customer support
(customer feedback, collect testimonials, email support, online chat support)

(editing, creation, podcast editing)

(audio to text, PDFs and printed materials / books to text)

Microsoft suite work
(Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive)

(appointment setting, schedule / diary management, scheduling meetings)

(create / reply to emails, Inbox & folder management, spam filtering, create signatures & templates)

General admin
(file / folder management, organising files in cloud storage, data entry, placing adverts)

Phone work
(make / receive phone calls, answerphone service, message taking)

Phone calls (home life)
(cancel memberships, register complaints, book / cancel appointments)

(restaurants, activities, venues, travel, accommodation, answering service)

Event planning
(birthday parties, work functions, family occasions)

Shopping (online / in person in Milton Keynes)
(food, gifts, household products, office supplies)

Graphic design
(logos, business cards, posters, party invitations etc)

Website building
(personal pages, portfolio sites, product landing pages)

Financial tasks
(invoicing, chasing late payments)

Task lists
(creating / organising / updating task lists, prioritising tasks)

Social media
(community management, scheduling, image tagging)

Personalised alarms / reminders
(wake up, appointments, water, food, goal reminders, to-dos)

Schedule a discovery call

Everyone's needs are unique, and while the examples provided above cover a range of tasks, they are not exhaustive. Please reach out to schedule a discovery call, where we can discuss your specific requirements and determine how I can best assist you. Whether it's managing your inbox, scheduling appointments, or tackling any other task, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.