Adult ADHD support for MK and surrounding areas


Are you or a loved one navigating the challenges of Adult ADHD? We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a free Adult ADHD Support Group in Milton Keynes. The group will be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month.

Who's Welcome? This group is open to individuals with ADHD, whether diagnosed or not.

What to Expect:

  • A supportive community

  • Monthly meetings

  • Shared experiences and strategies

Where: Our first group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 1st May 2024, at Halley's Comet Pub, Bradville. We'll be there from 6pm - 9pm.
We will need to know how many people we can expect to be coming along, so please get in touch by using the contact form below.

Connect with us

A Facebook group has been set up. If you'd like to join it, the link can be found here:

Venue info

Halley's Comet Pub, 101 Bradwell Road, Bradville, Milton Keynes. MK13 7AW.
Local buses: 5 Sapphire, M5 (please check bus websites for more info)

Enter the pub from the front doors on the right (picture 1). As you come in, you'll see an area on the right (picture 2), this area (the 'book shelves') is reserved for the group (picture 3).

Meeting new people and coming to a new location can cause some to feel nervous, but this doesn't have to stop you coming. If you use the contact form below to get in touch with me, I can arrange to meet you outside the pub so that you don't have to walk in on your own. If there's any other steps that can be taken to help you attend, please let me know.